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Our Commitment
The University of Oregon actively promotes cultural diversity and equal opportunity. We honor the humanity that joins us and we celebrate the differences that distinguish us. University Housing has an expectation that all residents will actively participate in creating welcoming communities that value all members without regard to race, color, sex, disability, national origin, age, religion, marital status, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression. Our highly trained staff is awaiting your call to discuss any concerns you may have. For more information please call 541-346-4277. Your call will be handled discreetly by authorized staff members.

The University of Oregon is committed to creating and maintaining a community in which students and members of the faculty and staff can work and study together in an atmosphere free of all forms of discrimination and discriminatory harassment (including racial and sexual harassment).

0 Staff Diversity Training 0

Resident Assistants (RAs) and Freshmen Interest Group Assistants (FAs) make up the core of our live-in Residence Life student staff.  For our residents, this staff is the face of University Housing and they play the most important role in creating safe and welcoming communities in our residence halls. To prepare student staff for these positions, University Housing provides extensive training and development opportunities in the areas of diversity and social justice. 

In preparation for 2010-2011 academic year, University Housing renewed its efforts in this area by implementing an intensive two-day diversity conference for Residence Life live-in student staff with the purpose of increasing their capacity to work across cultural groups and create a positive residence hall climate for all students. The conference covered a breadth of topics and was an extensive collaborative effort with a significant number of university faculty and staff contributing to its planning and implementation. Read more about the 2010-11 student staff conference.

0 Diversity Outreach Team 0

The Diversity Outreach Team is a group of students and student staff who plan activities, programs and events, which enhance residence hall life for all by building positive, respectful, and inclusive communities.

"Count Me In" Campaign (Count Me In Logo)

University Housing and students living in the residence halls have been working to enhance our diverse community. We've kick-started the year with a "Count Me In" campaign. The campaign was created by the Diversity Outreach Team in collaboration with University Housing, as an effort to create a respectful, positive, and inclusive community. University community members will be able to commit to the pledge below at any time during the year, wear the "Count Me In" T-shirt, and have countless opportunities throughout the year to help create a welcoming, positive, and supportive community.

We applaud the student leaders and participants who are off to a tremendous start in making this the best year ever! Students, staff, faculty, and administrators are welcome to join the "Count Me In" campaign. Participants sign the following pledge as a commitment to welcoming diversity on campus:

I promise to stand against intolerant behavior, to not ignore any form of discrimination, and to show our world that I will not accept a place where anyone is made to feel unwelcome.

I pledge to become a beacon of hope for those who experience the pain of discrimination, and my speech and actions will model this to the community around me.

I desire a society in which everyone is welcomed and accepted. Embracing everyone's humanity is vital to building a respectful, positive, and inclusive community.

Get Involved

To be part of our "Count Me In" campaign, simply sign a pledge card and order a t-shirt. Email Lou Vijayakar to find out more!


To replace hateful, offensive or degrading words with positive ones, Count Yourself In and contact the Bias Response Team, your Complex Director, Resident Assistant or FIG Academic Assistant. Download the BRT Graffiti Sticker (pdf, 289 kb).

Monica, a student, shows off the Count Me In T-Shirt in this picture
0 Campus Community Resources 0
To obtain counsel, an appropriate referral, and/or assistance with informal resolution, contact:
A Resident Assistant, FIG Assistant, Residence Life Coordinator or Trusted Faculty Member  
The Office of Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity
Receive informal assistance or file a formal or informal complaint
Bias Response Team
Receive assistance with informal resolution of a concern
Conflict Resolution Services 541-346-0617
Counseling Center 541-346-3227
Dean of Students 541-346-8206
University of Oregon Police Department (UOPD) 541-346-5444
Office of Institutional Equity and Diversity (OIED) 541-346-3175
LGBT Support Services 541-346-1134
Office of Multicultural Academic Success 541-346-3479
Multicultural Center 541-346-4321
Nontraditional Student Office 541-346-4305
Women's Center 541-346-4095
Sexual Assault (SASS) 541-343-SASS
Sexual Assault (UO) 541-346-1156
Office of the Dean of Students 541-346-3216
University Housing 541-346-4277