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Faculty & Academic Connections

The University of Oregon is a world-class public research university with passionate and engaged faculty who are dedicated to working with you. UO’s small class sizes and diverse program offerings are a great place to start your academic journey, and connecting with faculty is an important step. In University Housing, we make that happen in a number of meaningful ways to support your learning beyond the classroom. Not only can you be in an Academic Residential Program or Residential Freshman Interest Group, but you can also experience other connections we've listed below. 

Faculty Fellows

Faculty Fellows are an awesome chance to connect with a faculty member willing to spend extra time tutoring or advising you on your academics. University Housing provides office space for our Faculty Fellows to meet with students privately or in a group. Just another reason living on campus really gives you more!

Dine with Faculty

In any University Housing dining venue, a residence hall student can take a faculty or staff member to dine or enjoy a coffee and University Housing will pay for them! Invite them to lunch and get to know our amazing faculty. To pick up your meal card just go to the closest Housing Service Center, bring your UO student ID and a faculty member you invited. Our staff will issue you the voucher and we'll go from there.

Residential Libraries

In some of our residence halls University Housing has partnered with University Libraries to provide learning spaces with technology. These residential libraries are not only a great resource but are often staffed by a librarian that can help you with research and give you great direction on your projects.