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Meet Chef Debora Kerr

Photo of Chef Debora Kerr.

Chef, Debora Kerr

Dining Venues: Carson Dining

Meet Chef Debora

  • What brought you to the UO?
  • The food served here at the UO could be considered world-class. We have beautiful ingredients to choose from and talented culinary trained chefs with the goal of serving the best quality food we can possibily produce. From handmade sushi to housemade soups and dressings, or trying to meet students' wishes with Killer Mac 'N' Cheese. For me, there was no question of wanting to be part of the UO team.  
  • What is your favorite dish to prepare?
  • I love to bake: cookies, cakes, pies. If I had to choose only one, it would be our gorgeous Oregon wild blackberries baked in a pie. 
  • What influences the recipes you cook?
  • The local, seasonal products that are available. 
  • What is unique about the UO dining experience?
  • Food in a university setting that is high quality, fresh, using as many local, sustainably-grown products, and as much organically grown as possible is a pretty unique experience. 
  • What did you eat for breakfast in dining today?
  • A brewed cup of local Allan Brothers coffee with Umpqua Dairy cream and a delicious Oregon blueberry scone from the Central Bakeshop. 
  • The universe is ending, and you have 45 minutes to cook one last meal. What would it be, and why?
  • A deconstructed Tiramisu. I would make a Marsala sabayon. It would still be warm. I would smear it on a butter cake that I just happened to have sitting around; I don't use ladyfingers. I would eat to my heart's content.