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Meet Chef Teresa Sutten

Photo of Chef Teresa Sutten.

Chef, Teresa Sutten

Dining Venues: Fresh Marketcafé

Meet Chef Teresa 

  • What brought you to the UO?
  • The UO is a big part of this community. Growing up in Eugene, I have seen firsthand how this campus has grown. The UO works with the community to foster an environment of inclusion and growth. It has been my goal to work here because of that. I appreciate a school that finds value not only within itself, but also the value that comes from the community around it. 
  • What is your favorite dish to prepare?
  • Crab benedict is my favorite dish to prepare. Living in the Pacific Northwest, we are able to get the freshest seafood. Combine that with homemade Hollandaise sauce and asparagus, and I can't think of a better way to start a day! 
  • What influences the recipes you cook?
  • Growing up in Oregon has given me the opportunity to use the freshest seafood, vegetables, fruit, and game meat. Being able to make amazing food with ingredients that come from your own backyard--what more could you ask for! 
  • What is unique about the UO dining experience?
  • The UO campus provides several different food venues. You are not stuck having the same thing day after day. Not only that, we also source local products, and support small businesses. Providing our students with food right here from our community, I think that's pretty unique. 
  • What did you eat for breakfast in dining today?
  • As a chef most people think we eat amazing elaborate meals all of the time. However, there is something to be said for some really good steel-cut oats for breakfast. DUX Bistro makes some of the best I've had! 
  • The universe is ending, and you have 45 minutes to cook one last meal. What would it be, and why?
  • Top Ramen because my kids keep telling me I should try it before I die. Not only that, I would have an extra 42 minutes to spend with my family.