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Students look at posters around campus.


Only university-affiliated departments or student organizations registered with ASUO are permitted to submit posters for our staff to hang in the residence halls or put on Family Housing bulletin boards. The type of event and content determines where approved materials can be posted and the quantity you will need to provide. Posters must have the department or student organization’s logo or name listed. Student Life and academically-focused events are allowed one poster per floor and one per common area. All other university-affiliated groups can provide one poster per common area.

It can be challenging to determine if a poster is academically focused. Does the university teach a class that is similar? If not, then it would not qualify for Academically Focused. We prioritize consistency, so we will not hang posters that compete with our mission or existing contracts. Posters that do not meet our requirements will be returned to sender or recycled.

Poster Size and Stamping

All posters must be no smaller than 8 ½" x 11" and no larger than 11" x 17" inches. Our staff will stamp approved posters.

Poster Quantity

UO AffiliationQuantity to Print
UO Affiliated Total35
Academically-focused or Student Life Events Total116

Poster Divided Quantity

Hall or Community

UO Affiliated

Common Areas Totals 

(includes Dining areas)

Student Life and Academically Focused

Common Area and Floor Totals

Bean 58
Family and Graduate Housing116
Global Scholars Hall213
Living-Learning Center13
New Residence Hall15

Poster Delivery

All posters need to be delivered at least 10 business days before the event. Posters must be divided by building and labeled in the quantities listed above (just use a post-it note and write the building name for us). We will not accept posters during the last two weeks (weeks 9 and 10)  of a term. Send your posters via campus mail to Walton Housing Office Attn: Front Desk; or, you may hand deliver them to our front desk in the University Housing office. If you have questions about approval, please contact University Housing at

Table Tents

Reserving a table tent location is a great way to get the word out about your event. Students get a chance to see the information while eating in our dining halls. If you request is approved it will remain in the table tent holder for seven days.

Table tents that are not brand compliant for the Univeristy of Oregon will not be displayed. Please check to make sure that University Signature adhere to the minimum sizes for University Signature and Brand Block Signature.

Reserving a Side of the Table Tents

To reserve a side of the table tent holder please submit an e-mail request to during the scheduled calendar times (see below.) If you send the request before the dates indicated below we have to send you a “sorry you can’t submit that now” e-mail, so please check the dates. We will reply within a few days to inform you if that week is full. We do not allow individual location inserts or the tri-fold paper inserts. Reserving is an all-or-none option. Please note that you can not request only one dining venue.

Reservation Calendar

TermReservation Dates
FallOpens September 1
WinterOpens December 1
SpringOpens March 1
SummerNot Available

* During the first two weeks of fall term, only Student Life events are allowed to send table tent requests.

Table Tent Insert Size

The table tent inserts are placed in a plastic holder that has three sides. Each side is 4" wide x 6" tall and only visible on one side.


LocationQuantity to Divide and Deliver
Barnhart Dining50
Carson Dining70
DUX Bistro40
Fresh Marketcafé34
Hamilton Dining80

Table Tent Delivery

If you are approved, you will need to provide the above number of inserts for each dining venue, all of which should be divided and labeled before they are delivered (just use a post-it note and write the location names). After confirmation of your reservation, please send your inserts via campus mail to Walton Housing office Attn: Housing Marketing; or, you may hand deliver them to our front desk in the University Housing office. Inserts must be delivered the Wednesday before the Sunday of your reservation so there is ample time to deliver to each location.