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Next Year Happens Here

Want to live on campus again next year? You won't be alone, last year more than 300 students returned to the residence halls. 

Be the first to choose your room. Your choices are guaranteed, and you get to reserve your room before new residents apply. Re-apply started in January 2017.

Live with your friends. Re-apply priority makes it easy to plan it all out: choose your roommate and fill the floor with your friend group in your favorite hall.

Live in the exact room you want. Seriously, down to the room number. Snag that room with a view in Barnhart, or keep your cozy space in Carson. Whichever space appeals to you, you can absolutely have it.

Live with upper-division students. Live in the Sophomore Experience, a community of upper-division students in Barnhart Hall. It’s exclusive to students in their second year and above. Priority still applies of course, so live with whomever you want—choose your roommate and plan to room next door to whichever friends you want.

Re-apply opens on January 9 with same-room applications, and then on January 17 at 8:00 a.m. returning students can apply for any room.

Thinking about where to live next year? 

Take the hassle out of the search by re-applying!