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How to Apply

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Re-apply in Five Easy Steps

The online re-application form will be available in January 2017.

We are excited that you will be living here next year. During re-application dates, (January 9 for same room applications, and January 17 for any room) you can secure your room, and invite your friend(s) to live with you, and make your prepayment.

Here is how Re-apply works:

Log in using your Duck ID: The Duck ID is the first part of your e-mail address. For example, housing would be the Duck ID in this example.

  1. Choose a room and invite friends or accept an invitation. Decide to keep your current room or pick any available room. If you have a roommate invitation, you can choose to accept it or find another room.
  2. Fill in your preferences. Even if you are living with someone you know, we will still need you to complete the roommate preferences information.
  3. Fill out your application. Your application consists of a few quick questions.
  4. Sign your contract: Read the University Housing Residence Hall Contract; agree to the terms and conditions, student conduct, and rules and regulations; and confirm your acknowledgement of the contract.
  5. Make your prepayment. This will confirm your space and allow you to send a roommate invitation to your friend(s).