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room assignment
room types
double with sink
double with sink GSH
enhanced double
enhanced double with sink
double with bath
double with bath GSH
enhanced double with bath
small single
single with sink
single with sink GSH
enhanced single
enhanced single with sink
small single with bath
single with bath
single with bath GSH
triple GSH
triple with bath
six-person suite with bath
four-person suite with bath
two-person suite with bath riley
two-person suite with bath LLC
two-person suite with bath GSH
expanded housing
meal plans

Single with Sink Global Scholars Hall

Picture of a Single with Sink room

square feet
Global Scholars Hall

Deluxe Meal Plan

Deluxe Meal Plan PLUS



  • Specially designed for one person
  • Features an in-room sink
  • Limited to approximately 38 rooms at time of room assignment

Standard Meal Plan

Standard Meal Plan PLUS



Mini Meal Plan

Mini Meal Plan PLUS



*Room and board rates shown are proposed for the 2012-13 academic year, subject to approval by the Oregon State Board of Higher Education. The board has the authority to increase charges if costs exceed present estimates.

Only the earliest applicants are awarded these room types.


While you cannot request a particular building, you can select your preferred room type. Rooms for one, two, or three people, and suites with more people are available. To view the most recent room and board rates for University Housing residence halls, go to

Floor plans show typical rooms. Individual rooms may vary. Some single rooms may come with two beds. Room and board rates shown are per person for the 2013-14 academic year with a Standard meal plan. Rates are subject to approval and change by the University of Oregon leadership team.