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1 Laundry
2 Cable TV
3 Telephone
4 Phone/Cable/Computer Jack
5 Recycling
6 Cleaning and Maintenance
7 Heater Operation
8 Electrical Restrictions

0 1. Laundry 0

You will need a Web™ Access Card to operate the laundry machines. You should have received one during check-in, otherwise you may purchase a new card from the "Add Value" stations located in the Hamilton Commons, LLC North Lobby, or the Barnhart Lobby. Replacement cards cost $5 and come with a pre-loaded value of $3. A wash cycle costs 75 cents per load with no charge for drying.

Add value to your laundry card by visiting an "Add Value" station. Value can be added in increments of $5.

Laundry cards are treated the same as cash. There are no refunds for misplaced or lost cards as well as no refunds for any cash value left on your laundry card at check-out.

0 2. Cable TV 0

Cable television is accessed by connecting a coaxial cable from the bottom plug on the box to your cable-ready television. Please note that channels are subject to change.

More on how to connect your cable-ready TV to the box on your wall.

0 3. Telephone 0

For 2012-13, residents may pay for telephone service-it is not included in room and board. Your room’s phone line may be activated by placing a request at

Once your phone line has been activated, you may call Telecommunications Services at 541-346-1023 to set up any optional phone services including additional lines, long distance, voice messaging, and call waiting; charges for these services will be placed on your student account. Long-distance charges and voice messaging (voicemail) can be set up per individual; sharing with your roommate(s) is not required. Students may check out a phone for the year at the Housing Service Centers.

  • To dial a campus number from your room or a callbox (346-####)
    Listen for dial tone, dial 6 + four digit extension (6-####)

  • To dial off-campus local numbers
    Listen for dial tone, dial 9 + seven digit number (UO Telecom's list of local prefixes)

  • To dial a residence hall room phone FROM your residence hall room phone
    Listen for dial tone, dial 1 + four digit extention (1-####)

  • To dial toll-free numbers
    Listen for dial tone, dial 9 + 1 + (800, 866, 877, 888) + seven digit number

  • To report a telephone malfunction:
    Dial 6-7800 and leave your name, the number of the malfunctioning phone, the room number, telephone jack number and a brief description of the problem.

  • To speak to a campus operator
    Listen for dial tone, dial 0

For more detailed information, go to the Telecommunications web site.

To obtain an Oregonet authorization code for long distance/international calls, request an application at your Area Desk and fill it out, or fill it out online. If you have a question about your Oregonet authorization code, call 541-346-1023.

Phone Solicitation Warning:

The University of Oregon has recently received reports of a phone survey(s) whose solicitors are identifying themselves as related to the university. They are requesting personal information such as Social Security Numbers. Please be advised that officials at the University of Oregon have NO knowledge of such a university-sponsored phone survey, and thus have no reason to believe this is a legitimate survey.

0 4. Phone/Cable/Computer Jack 0
Data Jack: There are four plugs on the face of the jack arranged in two columns, the top two are for phone lines and the bottom two are ethernet connections. There is a coaxial cable nub on the bottom of the box for your TV to connect to.
  1. Telephone Jack
  2. No function
  3. Ethernet
  4. Ethernet
  5. Co-ax Television

All residence hall rooms receive telephone service (additional fee applies), access to the UO Network (via ethernet or wireless), and cable television through the box in your room that looks like the one illustrated at right.

These boxes have the following features:

Plug 1. Only one telephone line exists per room. Plug two is not in use at this time. For telephone problems, contact 541-346-7800, or check out the Telecommunications web site.

Plugs 3 & 4. You can access the Internet with a personal computer and proper network hardware and a CAT5 networking cable (Cable and hardware available at ResNet). CAT5 ethernet cable is $8-$12 depending on length. For help contact UONet at 541-346-4223 or check out the UONet web site.

Cable Television:
Bottom plug. Any cable-ready television can be connected using a standard coaxial cable. For cable problems, contact 541-346-7800, or check out the Telecommunications web site. Note: Coaxial cables are available through ResNet.

When reporting trouble with any of the features of your box, please give the box number (upper left), and the plug number (above the plug) of the troublesome plug. Please do not damage or modify these boxes--they could cost from $300 to $1000 to repair, which will be charged to you if damage occurs.

Computer Security
Holes have been drilled in many desktops, to enable you to secure your computer equipment through the desk. If a hole is not already drilled, you may request one with a repair request at the Area Desk, or by calling the Maintenance Crew. You must furnish your own cables and lock; such locks are available at the UO Bookstore and most computer supply stores.

0 5. Recycling 0

Recycling conserves natural resources, saves energy, and reduces pollution. By simply recycling paper, glass, metals, plastic containers, and cardboard boxes, you are making a difference! For instance, from summer 2005 through spring 2006, the residence halls and dining venues recycled more than 200 tons of paper and beverage containers. That figure continues to increase with each student choosing to recycle in the residence halls.

Use your room's recycling bin to help keep recyclable items separate from trash. Follow the recycling bin's guidelines for recycling paper, bottles, cans and cardboard. Recycling stations are located as follows:

Barnhart Laundry rooms
Bean Outside Caswell, Henderson, and Willcox halls
Carson Basement
Earl Behind Young and McClure halls
Hamilton Outside next to Burgess and Spiller
LLC North Building: Outside near basketball court
South Building: Ground floor near elevator
Riley Parking lot
Walton Outside DeCou, Adams, Smith, and McAllister halls

Corrugated cardboard boxes should be flattened and taken to the exterior locations at your complex. Recycling facilities can be found all around campus as well.

Get involved! Contact the housing recycling center coordinator at 541-346-0929 with ideas or questions or if you are interested in organizing recycling events on campus or in the residence halls.

0 6. Cleaning and Maintenance Services 0

Custodial Service is responsible for cleaning the public and common areas of the residence halls. The custodial worker is responsible for cleaning these areas in two residence halls or an equivalent area each day. Their assigned area is maintained by cleaning the everyday accumulations of dust and dirt.

For repair requests or questions, contact your CW coordinator listed below:

Barnhart 541-346-4276
Bean 541-346-4297
Carson 541-346-4214
Earl 541-346-4214
Hamilton 541-346-4202
LLC 541-346-4201
Riley 541-346-4276
Walton 541-346-4201

Community restrooms are cleaned on a weekday basis. Since Barnhart rooms have bathrooms, cleaning services are provided on a weekly basis to each restroom in the Barnhart Hall.

Residents are responsible for removal of their own trash, debris, and refuse. This includes such things as waste paper, hair trimmings, newspapers, leftover food, food containers, dishes, or other items. Personal debris will be left for a period of approximately 24 hours for the owner to remove. Health and sanitation standards require that the Custodial Worker take care of it after that time. Since this will take time out of the workday which should be spent in other public areas, this cleaning time will be billed to the floor or hall that requires extra time.

0 7. Heater Operation 0

Barnhart | Bean | Carson | Hamilton:
Heaters circulate hot water and take awhile to warm up, leave them slightly ON at ALL times.

Heaters circulate hot water, controls are not located in each room, so let your custodial worker or RA know if you have any problems.

Earl | Walton:
Heaters use steam and may make some noise for a few minutes while heating up or cooling down. The thermostat will turn them on and off automatically.

Heaters circulate hot water and will automatically turn on if the temperature drops too low. There are thermostats on the wall that allow for adjustment of temperature.

* Normal heater noise is a clicking/crackling sound. If you hear a loud banging or whistling coming from your heater, please inform your RA or custodial worker with the location so it can be checked.

0 8. Electrical Restrictions 0

In accordance with the Residence Hall Contract, Room and Hall Care, and City of Eugene Fire Codes, all appliances or electrical devices are required to be compatible with 110 volt, 60 cycle current, and be UL approved. When power strips are used, circuit breakers and reset buttons are required. One set of decorative lights can be plugged into one approved power strip or wall socket.

  • Extension cords
  • Multi-plug adapters
  • "Piggy-backed" power strips
  • Microwave ovens
  • Appliances with open heat sources such as:
    • Toaster ovens
    • Bread toasters
    • Bread machines
    • Portable heaters
  • Appliances with no thermostat control such as:
    • Hot plates
    • Grills
  • Multiple string lights plugged into each other
  • Halogen lamps