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Roommates study together in residence hall room.


It can be a great experience to live with someone going through the same things you are—your roommate. Rooming with a person who is totally new to you, or even an old friend, is an opportunity to build a rewarding relationship and make great memories throughout the year! 

How do I get assigned a roommate?

There is no perfect science to matching up roommates; however, we prioritize compatibility when assigning rooms. University Housing provides a brief questionnaire about your living habits to try to avoid common discrepancies like discordant sleep schedules and contrary definitions of "clean". Roomies might bring different expectations to the table concerning who they would like to live with, so the best way to live harmoniously is to remain open minded, flexible, and willing to communicate.

Can I room with someone I already know?

Of course! On your University Housing application, just make sure to put your future roommate’s name down, and that they write yours down, too. Keep this caveat in mind, though: best friends who are roommates sometimes end the year being neither. Consider living with someone new, or someone you know, but not very well. That way, you'll have two great friends instead of one.

What if I have conflicts with my roommate?

Like any relationship, successfully coexisting with your roommate relies on communication and respect. It is important to discuss misunderstandings and disagreements; the more effort you put into reaching a mutual understsanding, the easier it will be to deal with conflict when it arises. Your student staff members are trained to help you reach a reconciliation, so if you need help resolving a conflict, ask them for advice.  At the beginning of the year, you'll fill out a roommate agreement form so that you can plan how to cooperate on chores and ensure your room's security. 

We tried to work it out, but we’re just not getting along.

If you and your roommate can't make it work, you've got other options. Fill out a room transfer request form on My Housing and take it to your Housing Service Center.  Please note that relocations are dependent on space availability, so there may be a wait time.