Isolation and Quarantine: What to Expect

For the 2021-22 academic year, all residence hall students are required to be meet the UO COVID-19 vaccination requirement which is outlined here:  

Unvaccinated UO students and employees, including those who are partially vaccinated or choose an exemption, are required to take part in weekly COVID-19 testing through UO MAP (Monitoring and Assessment Program). Unvaccinated UO students and employees, including those who are partially vaccinated or choose an exemption, are required to show a negative COVID-19 test result within 72 hours of moving into the residence hall.    

Students who are identified as needing a temporary room assignment for isolation or quarantine will have detailed information provided to them first via phone by the UO Care Team, then followed up with information in their My Housing portal.  

Isolation refers to separating individuals who test positive for COVID-19 from others in order to slow the spread of the disease.  Quarantine refers to separating individuals who have been exposed to COVID-19 from any other individuals, including from others who have also been exposed. The purpose is to slow the spread of the disease by separating and restricting the movement of individuals who were exposed to minimize the exposure of others and also to monitor them if they become sick.  Fully vaccinated students do not need to quarantine unless otherwise directed by medical guidance. Fully vaccinated students do need to watch for symptoms for two weeks while wearing masks indoors and physical distancing, and test 3-7 days after their last exposure to the person who is positive for COVID-19. 

The UO Care Team will notify all students needing to isolate or quarantine by phone and walk them through their next steps. Students may choose to:

  • Isolate or quarantine at home or private residence. Students who elect this option may receive a $50 credit (to their student account) per night of isolation or quarantine at home or private residence. While University Housing typically does not provide credit for students when they are away from the residence halls and still an official resident (days, weekends, visits, away etc.), due to the special circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic and the dynamic need for isolation and quarantine space within University Housing, University Housing is offering this $50 per night credit when a student who is medically required to isolate or quarantine but does so at home or other off campus location for the required number of days/nights the student is in isolation or quarantine housing off campus. This does not apply to nights spent in university–provided and/or university–reimbursed hotels or other accommodations. At this time, we are only offering this for fall term 2021 only. Winter and spring term policies on this credit will be determined at a later date.
  • Isolate or quarantine in a temporary assigned space provided by University Housing. This temporary assignment may be on campus or a hotel. Temporary isolation assignments may include a roommate.  
  • Isolate or quarantine in a currently assigned room if possible. (Certain conditions may be required such as a single assignment, private bathroom.). 

Here are some of the details students are provided:


Once students are notified of their move, UO can provide transportation to their new space. The UO Care Team will work with students to determine if transportation is necessary and coordinate the process. 

Items supplied in room 

(1) full linen pack made into each bed prior to resident arrival,full linen pack packaged and set on additional bed or in a closet, (2) towels and (2) wash clothes, microwave, (1) refrigerator

Some amenities may vary depending on the specific temporary space to which the student is assigned.

Meal Delivery 

Residents who are isolating or quarantining on campus or in hotels will be provided with a GrubHub code allowing them to order their meals via a GrubHub delivery driver.  

Packing Belongings 

Students will not be able to return to their room to retrieve missing items. Students should consider bringing: UO ID, clothing for 10­­–14 days, academic materials, toiletries, medicine, and any other hygiene products; electronic devices, and any other personal items.


Students will receive information on expectations, including that no guests are permitted and that, with the exception of any stated outdoor times, students are to remain in their room with their doors closed for the health and safety of themselves and others.   

Emergency needs and non-medical questions 

Students are provided contact information for the Residence Life professional staff member on call for if there are any urgent items that need to be delivered to the student (e.g., hygiene products). 


For students placed in temporary spaces within University Housing, students may continue to receive packages to their service center and, which should be mailed to their regular mailing address (they can find this in the My Assignment tab of their My Housing portal). When a package is logged, the student will receive an email and then they can request the package be delivered to their isolation or quarantine room on My Housing. Packages will be delivered to their isolation or quarantine room within two business days after selecting the delivery request on My Housing.   

For students placed in a university–provide hotel or staying at a hotel on their own during the period of isolation or quarantine, mail may be delivered directly to the hotel (check with hotel upon check-in for address). The student is responsible for retrieving any mail delivered following check-out.