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Carnegie Global Oregon

The Carnegie Global Oregon Community is full for the 2018-19 academic year.

What is the Carnegie Global Oregon community?

The Carnegie Global Community (CGO) community brings leaders from many walks of life, from the local community to around the world, to work with our students in a mutual exploration of the ethical issues that challenge us in our lives and our careers. CGO students have the opportunity to engage with noted figures through small group conversations, weekly shared meals, internship opportunities, and employment. The CGO is unique in that students remain involved throughout their college experience, allowing them to create projects, develop leadership roles, and become active members of the ethical community.

Why should I join the Carnegie Global Oregon community?

CGO guests include leading figures such as Nigerian author Chimamanda Adiche (MacArthur Genius); Jim Shephard, CEO of Bank AIG in Europe; Sister Helen Prejean, human rights crusader and author of Dead Man Walking; Salman Ahmad, UN Ambassador, author of “Rock and Roll Jihad,” and Pakistan’s top recording artist; Jody Williams, a Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, and many others. Students will gain connections for internships, learn how to develop their own projects that engage with and help a community, and develop a cohort of passionate and engaged colleagues over the course of their UO career.

Entering its sixth year, the CGO is a well-developed program, providing connections across campus and across the world. Our students have high graduation rates, earn connections to internships around the world, study abroad, and have put on conferences on issues ranging from genocide to human trafficking. They are also involved in the local community, helping feed the homeless, and tutor local students. Students have unparalleled access to high-profile campus visitors and the opportunity to engage in serious questions that shape our political, economic, social, and environmental landscapes.

What classes will we take?

  • Carnegie Global Oregon First-Year Interest Group (FIG), which includes:
  • ANTH 161 World Cultures (4 credits). Satisfies Social Science/IC group requirement.
  • GEOG 142 Introduction to Human Geography (4 credits). Satisfies Social Science/IC group requirement.
  • GEOG 199 College Connections (1 credit). Elective credit.
  • GEOG 199 ACR Seminar (1 credit), winter and spring terms


This community is currently located in the Living Learning Center. Please note that Academic Residential Communities can be moved to different residence hall buildings if the size or need of the community changes. 

Who is eligible and how do I apply?

All first-year students are eligible. 

  • First - Apply for University Housing and select Carnegie Global Oregon on the "Community Preference" section.
  • Second - Complete the "Community Questions" section on the housing application. This will ensure that the faculty director will be able to review your application to live in this community. The faculty director will be in contact with you before summer to determine your placement in this community.

Additional information can be found at To learn more about First-Year Interest Groups, go to