Science, Sustainability, and Health Community

What is the Science, Sustainability, and Health Community?

The Science, Sustainability, and Health (SSH) Residential Community is designed for exploring students who are interested in learning about the world and making it a better place through their future careers. Students in this RC might be exploring majors in either the Healthy Communities Flight Path or the Scientific Discovery and Sustainability Flight Path.

Why should I choose to live in this community?

The SSH community receives support from academic and career advisors in both the Healthy Communities Flight Path and the Scientific Discovery and Sustainability Flight Path within Tykeson College and Career Advising. With two full-time advisors within the same residence hall, students have the opportunity to build close connections and seek academic and career guidance throughout their time in the community. Advisors will also host regular programming to further support residents’ academic, career, and personal development. In addition to advising, students in this community will have a designated lounge in which to study and connect with one another. Living in this community will provide support for students to explore majors, get involved in undergraduate research, connect with supportive staff, and get a head start into career pathways.

What are the community expectations?

Close relationships with advisors and early career support will be instrumental in setting you up for success at the UO and beyond. Although there is no coursework associated with this community, residents are expected to meet with an advisor at least once per term and to regularly attend residential community programming (at least once per term).


Residence Hall: Unthank Hall. Students living in this community will select roommates who are also in the community.

Please note that communities can be moved to different residence halls if the size or need of the community changes.

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Who is eligible and how do I apply?

While all students are encouraged to apply, the majority of our services are geared towards students interested in majors associated with either the Healthy Communities Flight Path (biology, human physiology, multidisciplinary science, neuroscience, psychology) or the Scientific Discovery and Sustainability Flight Path (biochemistry, chemistry, computer and information science, data science, earth sciences, environmental science, environmental studies, geography, marine biology, mathematics, math and computer science, physics).

  1. Register for University Housing and select the community you prefer in the "Community Preference" section.
  2. Fill out the supplemental questions on your housing application. The program director will be in communication with you over the summer to remind you to fill out the form and determine class placement and details.

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