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Ducks Dine On

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Ducks Dine On Plan

Ducks Dine On offers UO faculty, staff, and students living off campus convenient, reduced cost dining options at any of the nine UO dining locations. 

Carson Dining offers an all-you-care-to-eat dining experience. At this location, swipe your UO ID card to enter and 1 meal would be deducted from your plan. In all other à la carte venues, a meal is 5 points. You can shop for the items you want for up to 5 points, pay the cashier using your UO ID card, and then 1 meal will be deducted from your plan.


Ducks Dine On is available throughout the year. Ducks Dine On meals are good for a one-year period beginning September 1 and expiring on August 31.  (Only Carson and DUX Bistro accept Ducks Dine On plans during the summer. During the academic year, meals can be redeemed at any dining venue.)

Meal Plan Options

  • 10 meals for $82.50 = $8.25 per meal
  • 25 meals for $200 = $8.00 per meal
  • 50 meals for $387.50 = $7.75 per meal
  • 100 meals for $750 = $7.50 per meal plus the Golden Mug.

Ducks Dine On Plus: Add $100 to any plan and receive $115 in Duck Bucks value added to your UO ID Card. Duck Bucks has added flexibility in that it can be used just like cash at all food venues in the EMU and residence halls. Whether you want to have lunch, get some great concert tickets, or grab a cup of coffee while studying late at the library, Duck Bucks make on-campus purchases easy and convenient. Ducks Dine On Plus plans may not be charged to your student account. For a full list of locations that accept Duck Bucks, ways to make additional deposits, terms and conditions, or to check your Duck Bucks account balance go to

Who qualifies for the plan?

Anyone with a UO ID card.

How do I sign up?

It’s easy! Complete the quick application and submit your payment online. We accept Visa, Mastercard, and Discover. Students may also choose to have it billed to their student account.

What does a “meal” mean?

Meals can be used for an all-you-care-to-eat meal in Carson Dining or up to 5 points at any location. Purchases must be equal to or less than 5 points per meal, but you may purchase multiple 5-point meals in one transaction. Anything over 5 points will be charged as an additional meal.

For example, a Big Mouth Burrito at Hamilton Dining is 4 points and a drink is 1 point, so that would be a 5-point meal. A rice bowl with your choice of chicken, curried vegetable or tofu, and 3 vegetable sides at Fresh Marketcafé in the Global Scholars Hall is 4 points. Add a yerba matte tea or brewed coffee for 1 point to make a 5-point meal. You could treat yourself and a friend or colleague to coffee and a pastry or cookie (many coffee drinks are 1 or 2 points, and many cookies and pastries are 1 or 2 points). A large salad at DUX Bistro in the Living-Learning Center is a 5-point meal. A large sushi bento box is a 5-point meal. It's easy to mix and match items and create a meal out of 5 points.

We recommend that if you are using your plan at our à la carte venues to get items for less than 5 points, that you supplement your purchase with other items (i.e. a piece of fruit, snacks to take with you for later, etc.) to get the full value of your meal.

What if I need more meals?

You may upgrade your plan and purchase additional meals at any time. The more meals you purchase, the greater the discount.

When do my meals expire?

Ducks Dine On plans begin on September 1 and expire on August 31 each year. The Golden Mug bonus expires on August 31 as well. Ducks Dine On meal plans are non-refundable. 

Are there other incentives?

In addition to the excellent meal price, we give you a Golden Mug if you purchase the 100 Meals plan. You can fill your mug up any time for free. Just bring your Golden Mug (or any other reusable cup that is equally sized) to any of the residential dining venues, except Carson Dining, fill it up (soda, tea, or brewed coffee) as much as you like, swipe your card, and enjoy!