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All About Living Here

All About Living Here



Please follow the parking instructions and restrictions noted on signs. If you plan to be parking a vehicle on campus during the year, please visit Parking and Transportation for more information. You will need to purchase a permit that will correspond to your residence.

Be sure not to leave your valuables unattended or your doors unlocked.


Picking Up Your UO ID Card

If you didn’t get your UO ID card at IntroDUCKtion, you’ll need to get it before the end of move-in day. The photo ID office is inside the Erb Memorial Union (EMU) and is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Your ID card grants you access to your hall so don't lose it! You also need your UO ID to pick up mail at your Housing Service Center, to use meals points at the nine housing dining venues, go to the Student Recreation Center and the University Health Center, check out library books, ride LTD buses for free, and the list goes on.


Registering Your Bike

Eugene is a very bike-friendly town and biking is a great way to get around. We suggest you bring a used or inexpensive bike, along with a secure U-shaped lock and a helmet. You are required to register your bike with the Department of Parking and Transportation upon arriving to campus. Bike registration helps the University of Oregon Police Department (UOPD) return stolen bikes to their rightful owners if they are recovered. Make sure you write down the serial number for your bike so it may be identified. Unregistered bikes parked on campus will be impounded. UOPD will provide bike registration throughout check-in at various locations on campus. Call 541-346-5444, or stop by the Department of Parking and Transportation for times and locations.

Be sure not to leave bikes unattended or unlocked while you move in.


Connecting Your Internet

Connection Box

  1. Telephone plug-in (not active unless you contact Telecommunications Services)
  2. Telephone plug-in (not active unless you pay for a second line)
  3. Ethernet cord plug-in for computer
  4. Ethernet cord plug-in for computer
  5. Inactive port - do not use


To connect your computer to the Internet via Ethernet, you will need a Cat5E or Cat6 Ethernet cable. Cat5E cables are available at ResNet ( or 541-346-4223) for $6-$8 depending on length. Once you have connected your computer through the physical connection push the authentication by going to your website of choice. Just enter in your DuckID and associated password (the same combination as your webmail account) and you should be connected to the network.

Game Console and Device Registration

To register an Ethernet-enabled device please go to, and follow the instructions to fill out the registration form. Please note that this is a manual process. ResNet staff ( or 541-346-4223) will verify your device and determine its access to the network before approving it and sending you a confirmation email. Also note that due to the high volume of registration forms during Week of Welcome you may experience lengthened wait times for device registration.


Wireless access points are available throughout all residence hall rooms, and in most residence hall lounges, study rooms, and dining areas. Please note that due to the configuration of these Access Points personal routers are not available for registration in the residence halls. If you live in Family Housing you must have a router for wireless access. You must register your router and its power cord at ResNet; be sure to bring it with you. For a complete list of wireless locations on campus, go to

The ResNet office is located on the north side of Walton in McAlister 113 and is open weekdays from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. For any questions please contact us at 541-346-4223 or by email at



Residents may pay for telephone service. It is not included in room and board. Activate your room’s phone line by placing a request at

Once your phone line has been activated, call Telecommunications Services at 541-346-1023 to set up any optional phone services including additional lines, long distance, voice messaging, and call waiting. Charges for these services will be placed on your student account. Long-distance charges and voicemail can be set up per individual so sharing with your roommate(s) is not required. 



For a list of locations and open hours, see Dining Hours. Your UO ID card is required to use your meal plan, but you can use another photo ID and your student ID number if you don’t yet have your UO ID card. Family and guests may pay by cash, credit, or debit if they wish to eat in the residence halls.

Points reset at the beginning of each week so how and when you use them is up to you. Any remaining points (up to 50) will rollover into the following weeks until the end of the term. If you find that the number of points you have are either insufficient or too much, you can submit a meal plan change request on My Housing and it will take effect the following week.



Mail is delivered to the Housing Service Centers by the USPS and other delivery services such as UPS and FedEX. Packages can be picked up during hours of operation. Your mailing address is included in your housing assignment email. Please include your full name, mailbox number, and official address on any mail. You can also find the mailing address for your building with more information on the Housing Service Centers.

Your full first and last name
1000 Patterson Street
Eugene, OR 97401+3342

Once you move out, update your mailing address under the Personal Information page on Duckweb. Only mail delivered by the USPS will be forwarded. All other mail delivered for students who are no longer residents will be returned to sender.



Laundry machines are located in each building and can be accessed using a laundry card. Cards are issued upon check-in. Students can add money to them using the machines located at the Housing Service Centers. Anything left on the card at check-out is not refundable so students are advised to add money in increments.


Housing Service Centers

The Housing Service Centers are located in Barnhart, Global Scholars, Hamilton Halls, and the Living Learning Center. Students can check their mail, pick up packages, and check out movies or games. Students also can check out temporary keys if they are locked out of their room.