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Major: Human Physiology
Hometown: Richmond, Virgina
  • What is the best part of living on campus?
  • I think the best part about living on campus is that you're part of an academic community. If you ever have any trouble with homework, there is someone close by who can help you get on the right track, like a student in the same class, or a tutor at the Teaching and Learning Center. You can always find a quiet and convenient study space when living on campus, too.
  • What would you tell a first-year student about your housing experience?
  • My piece of advice for a first-year student living in the residence halls is to reach out to the people living around you—don’t be scared! I kept my door closed the first few weeks of school because I didn’t really know anyone in my residence hall, but once I started leaving my door open, people would stop in to chat or comment on the music I was listening to. That is how I made some of my very best friends here on campus. So, keep your doors open!
  • What are you involved in on campus?
  • I’m involved in a variety of on-campus communities: I worked for the Student Recreation Center, I’m on my residence hall’s Hall Government, and I’m a member of the Gamma Phi Beta Sorority, Nu Chapter. My committments have given me great opportunities to broaden my social and academic horizons.
  • What is your favorite meal on campus?
  • My favorite meal isn’t actually a meal, it’s a place: the pasta bar at Fresh Marketcafé! I can eat pasta every day, and the café offers different dishes to try each time. I LOVE pasta, so this fact makes me ridiculously happy.
  • What was move-in day like?
  • Move-in day was a little intimidating, but it was mostly exciting. I couldn’t wait to start living on my own, and the transition was really easy! The RAs and the Unpack the Quack volunteers were super helpful and welcoming. They had answers to any questions I had about furniture, or the bathrooms, or anything else. Meeting my roommate for the first time was a little scary because I was going to be living with someone I had never met before, but it only took ten minutes for me to realize my roommate would become one of my best friends on campus. The important thing I learned from move-in day was even though I felt a little nervous about living away from home for the first time, everyone around me was in exactly the same boat, which made it easier to reach out and make new friends.
  • What does it mean to be a Duck?
  • I’m so happy I decided to become a Duck! Being a Duck means being adventurous, and getting out there to try all the new and exciting things at your fingertips on campus. Being a Duck means being part of the flock and to be there for your fellow Ducks when they need you. Most importantly, being a Duck means giving one hundred percent toward everything you do and to be proud of what you’ve done and the school that helped you get there!