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Major: Advertising, Theatre Arts
Hometown: Lowell, OR
  • What is the best part of living on campus?
  • The best part of living here is being a part of the campus community. You can be involved in everything going on. You live less than 10 minutes away from any class, and the Student Rec Center is practically next door. You can be involved in clubs and intramural sports and go to athletic events all the time. There is always something happening on campus and you are already there.
  • What would you tell a first-year student about your housing experience?
  • Living on campus has been a defining point of my college experience. If I didn’t live here, I wouldn’t know many of the most important people in my life, and I wouldn’t have had the great academic and job opportunities that helped me find what I’m passionate about and prepare for life after college.
  • What are you involved in on campus?
  • I am a Social Media and Communications Intern for the Division of Student Life. I coordinate the Call Me A Duck social media accounts for them. I also am involved in research around campus. I wrote a research paper last term on the Spiral of Silence, and I plan to submit it to several research symposiums.
  • What is your favorite meal on campus?
  • A basic burger without tomatoes and a drink from the Gastro Kitchen in Grab ‘n’ Go. It is basic perfection.
  • What was move-in day like?
  • Move-in day was like traveling to another planet but finding out all your friends already lived there. On move-in day, everyone was both excited and nervous but looking to make friends. It gave me a little anxiety because everything is new and different, but it also gave me so much energy because I got to meet new people.
  • What does it mean to be a Duck?
  • It means that you succeed because you give your whole heart to what you do. It means that you aren’t afraid to take a risk or to fail because you’ll grow from those experiences. It means that you do your best to positively impact the lives of people around you and be the best person you can be.