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Meet Sasha

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Major: Educational Foundations
Hometown: Eugene, OR
  • What is the best part of living on campus?
  • It’s the short commute to class. Walking to class in just a few minutes is super convenient, and the same goes for campus events in the evening; I don’t have to worry about commute time or finding somewhere to park.
  • What would you tell a first-year student about your housing experience?
  • My housing experience has been one of my favorite things about the UO. I’ve met a lot of wonderful people, and every year it just gets better. It’s given me many opportunities and chances to challenge myself and grow, and I wouldn’t trade my experience for anything else.
  • What are you involved in on campus?
  • I’ve been an active member of the Black Student Union since my first year; I actually won the Rookie of the Year award that year. I’m also involved in a program called Opportunities, in which I get to travel to various high schools in Oregon to talk to underrepresented students about going to college.
  • What is your favorite meal on campus?
  • I like my food pretty plain, so it’s great that I can customize all my meals. My favorite dish so far is simply steamed rice and shrimp from the Fire ‘n’ Spice Grill.
  • What was move-in day like?
  • Move-in day was so exciting. I loved meeting everyone and seeing people set up their rooms. Within hours, all the bare rooms were full of personality!
  • What does it mean to be a Duck?
  • Being a Duck means getting involved. Anyone can go to school just to get a degree, but what makes your college experience valuable is what you do with your time. It’s easy to find fun things to do on campus, like the going to the Street Faire and all the sports events. I love doing as much as possible! Even though sometimes I stretch myself pretty thin, at the end of the day I’m so happy to be here because I know I’m doing something worthwhile.