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Moving in Guide

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Moving In

All check-ins take place at the Spencer View Area Office. Be sure to schedule your check-in at least 24 hours before your arrival. See Living With Us, Transportation for information about portable moving containers and moving trucks. To ease your transition into the community, please complete the following items within 24 hours of your check‑in appointment:

Paperwork and Contracts

  • Read your tenant handbook and understand the resources and policies contained in it.
  • Check the condition of the unit. Make any notations on the pink copy of the Unit Condition Report provided to you, and return it to the Area Office at Spencer View. You may be charged upon checkout for any damage and/or abnormal wear‑and‑tear that is not already noted on the Unit Condition Report.
  • Review and understand your copy of the Family Housing Rental Agreement or Graduate Village Contract.


  • Call Eugene Water and Electric Board, and have the utilities put in your name within 72 hours.
  • For some East Campus units, call Northwest Natural Gas and put the utitlity account in your name within 72 hours.

Parking and Mailbox

  • A parking permit authorization will be provided at your check-in.  Complete this form and turn it into UO Department of Parking & Transportation within 72 hours of move in.  You will be issued a parking permit that must be displayed in any vehicle parked in your assigned parking space. You will be issued a parking permit that must be displayed in any vehicle parked in your assigned parking space.
  • Find your mailbox, open it, and write the names of all members of the household on the slip of paper inside. Place the paper back in the mailbox, shut, and lock the door. This tells the post office that new tenants have arrived and that your mail can be safely left in that mailbox.

Laundry, Trash, Recycling

  • Find the laundry rooms, trash, and recycling sites closest to your unit. For East Campus houses, contact a trash/recycling provider to arrange services.

Contact the Spencer View Area Office at 541‑346‑5263 for any questions about these steps.

Household Changes

Any changes in the people living in the unit must be reported to the Spencer View Area Desk immediately. New roommates must be approved by University Housing prior to residing in the apartment - this approval may take up to two weeks. Residents can check the Family Housing & University Apartments Facebook page for other students looking for an eligible roommate. Guest and visitor stays are limited to one week without prior approval.