Kris Katkus

Photo of Kris Katkus
Academic Advising Fellow, Peer Advising Coordinator

Background and areas of interest:

I came to Oregon for undergrad after growing up in Alaska. Here at UO I changed my area of study multiple times. After exploring through my general education courses, I ended up majoring in ethnic studies and linguistics, two fields I hardly even knew existed when I started my college career.

What brought you to the University of Oregon?

I've found a home in Eugene and the university, and I hope to promote that sense of place and possibility among students on their own journey's here at UO. I've spent time working at commuter and community colleges, each focused on access and belonging. Carrying that experience forward, I want my contribution to support such values at UO!

How did you get involved in academic advising?

I had no clue how to apply my degree after graduating! I knew I wanted to contribute to my community and after two terms as an AmeriCorps member in higher education, I realized student affairs was where I would put my energy. In so many ways our communities gain their resilience from the contributions of their members, so I would consider it a privilege if I could in some way support students in the process of identifying and putting their gifts to work. For me, academic advising holds the potential to make that happen!

What’s the best advice you have for a college student?

For better or worse, learning takes place outside of your comfort zone. Whether inside the classroom or out, seek out those environments that will push you to reevaluate your assumptions about the world and yourself. College provides an excellent environment to develop the valuable skill of being comfortable with being uncomfortable.

How can students contact you?

I will be reaching out to you directly via email regarding advising appointments. I hold "after hours" advising in Walton-Hawthorne 103 (Community Director Office). I can also be reached by email at