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Internet Setup

Internet Setup

The University of Oregon provides both wireless and wired internet for University Housing residents.

Step-by-Step Instructions:


Students can use two wireless networks UO Secure (preferred) and UO Wireless. These networks are available all over campus so staying connected to one will allow access in any building on campus.

In order to log in to either network you will need a DuckID and password. If you do not have these or are unsure, please contact the Information Services Technology Service Desk (Tech Desk).

Please note: Routers are only allowed in areas where there is currently no wireless coverage. For the University of Oregon this is only for residents of Family Housing. Having a router in an area with wireless coverage is against university policy as it can lead to degradation of the network, even when unregistered.


A wired connection is available for all housing residents and is fastest and most stable way to stay connected on the network. In order to access the wired network, you will need a DuckID and password, Ethernet port/adapter for your device, and Ethernet cable. If you need any of this equipment, please visit the ResNet Store for pricing information.

If you are having issues getting connected to the internet on campus or in your living space please contact or visit us.