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Academic Residential Communities

Students brainstorm in a residence hall loung, they are part of an Academic Residential Community at the University of Oregon

Academic Residential Communities

What you learn can shape the way you live. Live with others who are passionate about the same things in an Academic Residential Community.



Be a part of a group of passionate, committed students who want to learn about the same things you do and work together to solve problems facing our communities and the world.

From sharpening your foreign language fluency, to becoming a better business leader, to making the community a ’greener’ place to live, each Academic Residential Community is unique in its ability to encourage you to explore your interests and foster relationships with faculty members.


How to Apply

To apply for an Academic Residential Community, apply for University Housing and select the community you are interested in on the "Academic Residential Communities" section. Our team or the academic partner will be in touch with you for an official assignment.