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At the UO, on-campus living is about creating meaningful connections with a community that inspires you. As you register for housing, we invite you to explore our residential opportunities and find a community that fits your interests or identity.

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Please note: some 2024–25 community application deadlines have been extended to May 22, with decisions finalized by May 30.

In our Academic Residential Communities (ARCs) and Residential Communities (RCs) you’ll room with peers who share your interests, passions, or identities—all led by faculty and staff in the same field, with access to resources to support your academic journey on campus.

Our ARCs and RCs are open to students at no extra cost—explore our community options below and apply to one of our communities through My Housing.

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Community Benefits

Our Academic Residential Communities (ARCs) are designed to integrate academic and residential life at the UO. Research has shown that living in an on-campus community has several positive benefits for students:

  1. Academic Performance: Students in on-campus communities tend to perform better academically due to close-knit academic and social support systems.
  2. Increased Retention: A sense of belonging and engagement at the University contributes to higher retention rates—students in on-campus communities are more likely to stay at the university and graduate on time.
  3. Enhanced Social Connections: Living in a community with peers who share similar interests, identities, and goals can lead to stronger social connections, both academically and personally, leading to a more fulfilling college experience.
  4. Faculty Interaction: Our ARCs offer increased interaction with faculty members through specific programming, events, and coursework. Students are able to pursue academic and career guidance with fewer barriers.

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Hear from ARC Students

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All of my work from the year with this ARC has prepared me to make the most out of my undergraduate career and really make a lasting impact in my community.

—Environmental Leaders ARC Student

Two students in residence hall room reading a book.

My experience in the ARC provided a good foundation for the rest of my college career in all aspects, especially academics. I’ve met so many friends, so many people I’m going to continue to have relationships with. I’m really glad I was part of the ARC.

—Latinx Scholars ARC Student

Three students discussing work on a paper.

The ARC community is where I feel comfortable receiving help, making connections, and sharing interests. Without it, I wouldn’t have found my best friend, favorite advisor, and activities such as Flight School and Women in Business.

—Business ARC Student

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A team of advisors and faculty here to help you succeed any time you need extra help. 

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Want to join an Academic Residential Community or a community designed for you? Just select the communities you are interested in when you register for housing. Once you are admitted to the university, you can fill out your housing registration online.

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