Academic Support

Academic Support is available in the University Residence Halls

Your Support Team

Believe us, life on campus is busy—an exciting, life-changing sort of busy. That's why we bring professors, speakers, advisors, and other academic support services to you in your halls. We’ll make is easy to get the support you need while you're a Duck.

Faculty meeting with students
Faculty in Residence

The best questions and conversations happen when you are walking back from class. Faculty in residence are there for those moments, because they live in the halls.

Faculty in Residence

Faculty Fellow Scott Fisher talking to a student
Faculty Fellows

Every hall has a faculty fellow. Think of them like your fairy godparents. They may not have magic wands, but they care about you and their expertise and experience is kind of magical. Ask your faculty fellow questions and get to know a faculty member out of class.

Faculty in the Halls

Flight Path Advisors

University Housing has partnered with the College of Arts and Sciences and Tykeson College and Career Advising to host Flight-Path-specific academic and career advisors within the residence halls. These folks can provide both academic and career advising, and help students explore interests while making the most out of their experiences on campus.

About Flight Paths
To help students navigate all of their options, the UO organized majors into six thematic categories based on academic and career interests. These groupings are called Flight Paths, and will serve as a framework for you to explore subjects and eventually choose a career path and major. Learn more.

Bil Morrill
Assistant Director for College and Career Advising—Industry, Entrepreneurship, and Innovation Flight Path
Courtney Garcia
Assistant Director for College and Career Advising—Global Connections and Scientific Discovery and Sustainability Flight Paths
Elizabeth Milner
Academic and Career Advisor—Scientific Discovery and Sustainability Flight Path
Ellen Fields
Academic and Career Advisor—Healthy Communities Flight Path
Kim Marshel
Assistant Director for College and Career Advising—Healthy Communities Flight Path
Sarah Lambert
Academic and Career Programming Coordinator for College and Career Advising—Industry, Entrepreneurship, and Innovation Flight Path


Academic Success Hub

Sponsored by the Tutoring and Academic Engagement Center, The Hub provides a variety of academic resources such as tutoring, advising, workshops, targeted study sessions, and peer coaching. Located at the Living Learning Center North, Room 123.

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Academic Resources on Campus

You don’t have to do this alone! Take advantage of programs designed to help you succeed in your studies.

Tutoring and Academic Engagement Center (TAEC): Tutoring, classes and workshops, grad school test prep

Center for Undergraduate Research and Engagement (CURE): It’s a research university, get involved!

Tykeson Hall: The UO’s academic and career advising headquarters

Accessible Education Center (AEC): Help with access and inclusion for students with disabilities

TRiO Student Support Services: Help with college retention for students experiencing difficulties

Center for Multicultural Academic Excellence (CMAE): Promotes retention and persistence for historically underrepresented populations

McNair Scholars Program: Prepares juniors and seniors for graduate study

Office of Distinguished Scholarships (ODS): Resources, guidance, and support for student pursuing competitive scholarships

Research, Internship, and Student Engagement Program (DucksRISE): Promoting post-graduation outcomes for underserved students at the UO.