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Moving Into the Halls

Unpack the Quack volunteers carry boxes.

Moving into the Halls

Packing and Pre-arrival

Your assignment e-mail contains important information about move-in day including your check-in time, your hall, and room assignment. Before you head to campus, be sure to:

  • Pack light. Use the What to Bring checklist to help you pack. Barnhart, Carson, Living-Learning Center (LLC), Global Scholars Hall, and Riley are the only halls with elevators. Since the elevators get really busy during move-in, using the stairs may speed up your process. It may be helpful to bring a handtruck or dolly, too.
  • Learn your hall location. Learn your hall location to take the fastest route to your unloading zone and check-in location.

Check In, Unload, and Park

Know your assigned room and corresponding service center to check in. See your assignment e-mail or log in to The Dash for instructions. Students must check themselves in and sign for their own keys. Please bring your UO ID card with you.

When unloading, look for an available space that does not block traffic. Be sure not to leave your valuables unattended or your doors unlocked. Parking is first-come, first-served.

Submit your PRCR and Emergency Contact

In your room, you will find a card that directs you to the Property and Room Condition Report (PRCR) in The Dash. The PRCR documents the room's condition upon move-in; residents are responsible for damage or loss that occurs during the year. Failure to complete the online form indicates that you accept that your room and included property are in good condition; when you move out, you will be charged for any undocumented damage. You will have seven days to submit your PRCR. Also, you will need to log in to The Dash to complete your Emergency Contact Form.

Connect with Your Staff

Hall meetings will take place in each community once you move in. Talk to your student staff members for the date and time.