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Dining Services

Dining At a Glance

Dining Services in University Housing strives to provide high-quality food and service.

We are proud to say that our chefs hold culinary degrees from prestigious culinary schools including Western Culinary Institute and Johnson and Wales.

Food Safety
We are proud to say that all classified staff and student food workers hold Oregon State Food Handler's certificates. Plus, all lead classified employees and food service managers have taken and passed the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation ServSafe® Certification Class and hold current certification.

Nutrition, Diet, Allergy and Fitness Resources

Dining Services is actively involved in sustainability efforts in a myriad of ways from using recycled products to buying locally. For details, go to our sustainability page.

Extensive hours, flexible services, and a wide variety of items are just a few ways we provide high-quality meals in the residence halls.

In this picture, several Sushi Chefs are serving sushi during the LLC Grand Opening
0 Dine with Faculty 0

When residence hall students invite a faculty member to eat with them at one of the many residence hall venues, University Housing will pay for the faculty member's meal. This is a great opportunity to get to know a faculty member outside the classroom, talk about class work, or explore career opportunities.

Students are sometimes reluctant or shy about doing this. However faculty generally enjoy the opportunity to have a meal with a student. It may feel less awkward if two or three residence hall students collectively invite a professor to a meal.

A photo of professor Dan Close

"I enjoy eating in the residence halls with students. The conversation is lively and students seem to appreciate the effort to meet them on their home ground. The food is really good."

- Daniel Close,
Associate Professor and Director of the Family and Human Services Program in the College of Education.

0 Submit a Recipe From Home 0
Dining Services welcomes students to submit their recipes!

Sometimes what you miss most when you leave home is the cooking. You can submit your favorite recipe, and we will give it a try.

We welcome any type of recipe. Your recipe could even become part of our regular menu cycle - we hope you will help us create an even stronger feeling of home in the halls.