What to Bring and What Not to Bring

What to Bring

Appliances and Dishware

  • Coffee pot (without an open heat source) and electric kettle (with automatic shut-off)
  • Mini fridge (4.6 cubic feet or smaller)
  • Water bottle, cup, plate, bowl, mug, and flatware
  • Thermos (dining venues give discounts when you use a reusable mug or bottle)


  • Sheets (most beds are twin XL; room assignment will specify)
  • Comforter or blankets
  • Pillows and pillowcases
  • Bed risers—for metal frame beds. (Must be made of high-density polyethylene and hold up to 1,200 pounds. Can’t have built-in power outlets). Risers are sold at Hamilton Grab n' Go Marketplace

Closet and Storage

  • Hangers
  • Closet organizers
  • Storage containers

Desk and Electronics

  • Desk organizer and supplies
  • Surge protector
  • Small desk lamp (see below for lamps that are not permitted)
  • Small fan
  • TV 

Room Décor

  • Posters and pictures
  • Adhesive putty or 3M strips (no nails, tacks, or double-sided tape)
  • Rug

Laundry and Clothing

  • Laundry basket
  • High-efficiency detergent
  • Fabric softener
  • Clothing for all types of weather


  • Toiletries
  • Towels (bath, hand, and washcloth)
  • Robe
  • Shower caddy
  • Shower shoes
  • Note: If you have a private bathroom or a sink in your room, bring environmentally friendly cleaning supplies and toilet paper

Emergency Supplies

  • Flashlight
  • Batteries
  • Emergency supply kits


  • An inexpensive bike
  • Secure bike lock (U-lock)
  • Bike helmet
  • Bike lights and reflectors

Please see your Residence Hall Contract for official information about placement of items in your room or other expectations related to safety.

What Not to Bring  

The following items are prohibited and should not be brought with you.

Alcohol and Drug Paraphernalia

  • Alcoholic beverages and alcohol memorabilia
  • Empty alcohol containers
  • Rapid consumption devices
  • Illegal drugs or paraphernalia such as bongs, vaporizers, grinders, pipes, etc.


  • Extension cords or multi-plug adaptors
  • Power strips without circuit breakers and reset buttons
  • Space heaters
  • Halogen lamps
  • Devices not compatible with 110 volts and 60 cycle voltage, and not UL approved

Room Accessories

  • Unapproved loft bed equipment such as cinderblock bed risers, or bed risers with power outlets built-in are not allowed (only bed risers made of high-density polyethylene that hold up to 1,200 pounds are permitted)
  • All candles with or without a wick, incense, fireworks, gasoline, kerosene, butane and all other flammable materials
  • Dry-erase or cork boards that affix to walls or doors
  • Couches and furniture without flame-retardant upholstery (documentation required) 


  • Knives with a blade that projects or swings into position by force of a spring, by centrifugal force, by gravity or by any other force, such as combat and switch blades
  • Any blade over three inches in length (e.g., ceremonial and fencing swords)
  • Firearms, ammunition, explosives, and dangerous chemicals
  • Possession or threatened usage of any projectile weapons (slingshots, water guns, paintball guns, air guns, and or any guns that fire foam or plastic pellets)
  • Misuse of any personal defensive device, such as pepper spray or tasers
  • Any other weapons or dangerous items including but not limited to: martial arts weapons, metal knuckles, blackjack, sap, or similar instruments


  • Refrigerators over 4.6 cubic feet
  • Microwave ovens, toasters and toaster ovens, hot plates, or electronic cooking grills
  • Humidifiers
  • Devices or appliances with an open heat source and without a thermostat and automatic shut-off features
  • Air conditioning units
  • Household appliances, such as lamps, that include unprotected electrical outlets on the device are prohibited. (Appliances such as alarm clocks or computers with low-voltage USB charging ports are acceptable.)


  • Pets (only fish are allowed, which must be held in a tank of 10 gallons or less)
  • Fuel-powered vehicles or parts

Please see your Residence Hall Contract for official information about placement of items in your room or other expectations related to safety.