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Living On Campus

Live the Duck Life

Not only does living on campus provide you with a place to live, but it offers so much more! Want the shortest commute to class? We have that! Want to have the best access to resources and events? We have that too! Want made-to-order fresh food prepared by culinary-trained chefs? You're in luck! The benefits list goes on, but most importantly, living on campus will set you up with real advantages to succeed academically, socially, and personally as you transition into life at the UO. 

Reasons Students Choose On-campus Living

  • Ease and convenience
  • Academic support
  • Meeting faculty
  • Making friends
  • Connecting to campus
  • Varied room types
  • Fresh, organic, local food options

New Experiences Await You

First-year students wonder how living on campus could change their life. Picture this: ten years from now, you and your co-worker are swapping college stories at lunch. Who is in your story? It may be your roommate and your friends you met in the residence halls. The point is who you meet on campus, how you choose to get involved, and how you challenge yourself will widen your perspective in ways that help you develop who you are. Expanding your connections is what college is all about, and living in the residence halls is the perfect place to start!