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Living On Campus

Live the Duck Life

Not only does living on campus provide you with a place to live but it’s so much more! Want the shortest commute to class? We have that! Want to have more access to resources? We have that too! Want made-to-order fresh food prepared by culinary-trained chefs? We have that as well! Okay, so you get the idea here. The benefits list could go on but what we most want you to know is that this experience will change your life and give you a real advantage.

Reason Students Choose On-campus Living

  • Ease & Convenience
  • Academic Support
  • Faculty Connections
  • Meet Friends
  • Connect to Campus
  • So Many Room Choices Including Singles
  • Great Food (no really it's so good)

Life Changing Experiences Await You

First-year students are always asking us how will it change their life. Picture this, ten years from now, you and your co-worker are swapping college stories at lunch. Who is in your story? Let’s be honest, it’s probably your roommate and your friends you meet in the residence halls. The connections you will have after college will include the people you lived with in the halls, be it your roommate(s) or your neighbors, probably even your RA. That combined with academic support, convenience, and great food are just a parts of the life changing experiences you'll have on campus.