Single Room Types

Barnhart Singles

All Barnhart singles feature:

  • Private bathrooms in rooms
  • Walk-in closet

Rooms are typically:

  • Large single  164-191 ft2
  • Small single 123-141 ft2

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Carson Singles

All Carson singles feature:

  • Sink in each room

Rooms are typically:

  • Single with sink 113 ft2
  • Single with bath 146 ft2

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Earl Singles

All Earl singles feature:

  • Access to the macker-hacker innovation lab

Rooms are typically:

  • Small single 88 ft2
  • Double as single 136-143 ft2

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Global Scholars Singles

All Global Scholars singles feature:

  • Dining venue in building
  • Music practice rooms in building
  • Sinks in every room

Rooms are typically 202–262 ft2

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Riley Singles 

All Riley singles feature:

  • Sink in room
  • Kitchenette in building
  • Courtyard garden in building

Rooms are typically 89 ft2

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Unthank Singles 


All Unthank singles feature:

  • Access to classroom space
  • PNW Public Market dining venues in building
  • Access to community kitchen

Rooms are typically 89 ft2

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