Suite Room Types

Global Scholars Suites

Global Scholars suite features:

  • Fresh Marketcafé in building
  • Music practice rooms in building
  • Sinks in every room

Rooms are typically

  • 2 person suite with bath 152-275 ft2
  • 4 person suite with bath 197-211 ft2
  • 6 person suite with bath 152-275 ft2

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Living Learning Center Suites

Living Learning Center suite features:

  • Access to classroom space
  • DUX dining venue in building

Rooms are typically

  • 2 person suite with bath 153-171 ft2

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Riley Suites 

Riley suite features:

  • Access to study and lounge spaces
  • Sinks in all rooms

Rooms are typically

  • 2 person suite with bath 88-112 ft2

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