Room Types

The majority of residence hall rooms are double rooms (meaning two beds in one room) or triples. There are also suite-style rooms and limited singles. Room layouts and furniture may vary building to building and even room to room. 

When you register for housing, you will select your preference for each room type. No matter what room type you prefer, every student will have their own bed, desk, chair, and wardrobe or closet space.

Here is what you need to know, including sample floor plans for each room type. Exact layouts and sizes vary. 

Double Rooms

In a double room you have one roommate. You will share the room and your on-campus living experience together.

Double Room Sample Layouts

Triple Rooms

In a triple room you live with two roommates. Bunking or lofting beds is usually necessary. Large triple rooms vary in size and configuration. Some large triples, such as Unthank Hall, do not require bunked beds. 

Triple Room Sample Layouts

Suite-Style Rooms

A single or double room shares amenities like a bathroom and shower with another room or rooms. 

Suite Room Sample Layouts

Single Rooms

In a single room you will not have a roommate. There is a limited number of rooms available and priority is given to students who require accommodations.


Apartment-Style Residence Hall Rooms

You can register for a studio apartment, or, if you want to live with friends, a four-person suite. Each apartment comes with a full kitchen, bathroom, living/dining space, and private bedrooms. Rooms in this hall are generally reserved for returning residents, transfer students, and other non-first-year students.