Holidays and Breaks

Holidays and Breaks

During some breaks and holidays our residence halls will close. If you are making travel arrangements please be mindful of closing dates. 

If you wish to stay while the residence halls are closed there will be an additional fee and spaces are limited. Residents will need to submit a request on My Housing to be considered.

Dining and Meal Points

The dining venues may have reduced hours or be closed. For detailed hours visit our map of food on campus or look at the specific break page.

Your prorated meal points for certain breaks will be noted on each specific break page.

Housing Service Centers

Housing service centers may be on limited break hours. Service centers are unable to forward packages once received and residents may retrieve the packages when they return to campus. Please check with your housing service center for confirmation and mail service hours.

New Roommates May Move In

Rooms with vacancies may be entered to prepare the space for a new resident. Please be sure that your belongings are not on the side of the room the new resident will be using. In the event that you come back from break and find a new roommate living in your room, we hope that you will extend them a warm UO welcome and provide them equitable space to share the room.


Scheduled maintenance may be completed during breaks. This includes checking smoke detectors, door locks, heaters, and other projects. This will require University Housing staff to be in the rooms. If you have any questions or concerns, please visit or call your University Housing Service Center.