Summer Storage

Summer storage is offered to current students who had planned to live on campus during spring term 2020 and have reserved a space in the residence halls for fall term 2020. Students will have the ability to store four boxes (16" long x 16" wide x 15" high) in a fully enclosed space for free. Additional storage will be charged $45 per item. Individuals wishing to store items in summer storage may sign up on My Housing.

How It Will Work

Current residents will pack their items up into boxes and leave the boxes in their residence hall room. Students will then fill out the Summer Storage form on My Housing. They should list each box and its contents on the application as well as any other items that do not fit in the boxes. Then print off the confirmation sheet and leave it on top of the boxes. University Housing staff will take the boxes to the summer storage area. Students will be able to pick up their items from Global Scholars Hall in late September.

Dates and Time

Drop Off

Leave items in your room on or near your bed and University Housing staff will come pick them up.

Pick Up

Students sign up to pick up their items by appointment on their My Housing portal. The Summer Storage Pickup Request form is now live. Instructions for how to pick up items are on the form.

Storage Requirements

University Housing does not provide boxes for summer storage. Students are expected to provide their own boxes, which must be no larger than 16" length, 16" width, and 15" height. Loose items must be packed in boxes. University Housing cannot store items in larger boxes due to the space requirements of our storage room. As a precaution against any item that may cause a fire, leak, corrode, attract pests, or decompose, all boxes may be inspected. Please leave your boxes unsealed in your room; our staff will seal boxes after inspection.

In addition to four boxes, each student is permitted to store a refrigerator, bike, and area rug. A TV, desk chair, and mirror may be stored but at a cost of $45 each. Other furniture such as large chairs, sofas, futons, and bean bag chairs may not be stored.

Boxes and items must be packed, accounted for on the My Housing form, and individually labeled as follows:

  • Pack loose items in boxes, label your boxes with your name and phone number. We will seal boxes after inspection and affix an official label on the box or other item.
  • Affix the form with your name, UO ID number, and contact number to large items (such as bicycle, chair, refrigerator, etc.).
  • Verify inventory for the number of items or boxes stored.

Item Restrictions

The intent of summer storage is to store household and personal items allowed while residing in University Housing. Because summer storage is enclosed, locked, and not inspected daily, we must take precautions against any item that may cause a fire, leak, corrode, attract pests, or decompose over the length of storage. Hazardous materials, items not permitted in the residence halls, and perishable items will not be accepted. This includes common chemicals and products such as perfume, nail polish, nail polish remover, glue, bleach, liquid cleaners, loose batteries, aerosol containers, food items, and plants. For information about items not permitted in the residence halls, please refer to sections 3 and 4 of your Residence Hall Contract.

Because our storage space is limited, we do not allow returning residents to store items for other students. Residents are only allowed their personal items; any additional items may be refused or charged to your account at an additional cost.

Storage Items

You are allowed to store the following items at no cost:

  • 4 boxes (pick up from the Global Scholars Hall service center)
  • 1 bike
  • 1 refrigerator
  • 1 rug

Additional Items

Any of the following items may be stored at a cost of $45 each:

  • Additional boxes
  • TV—must be in box or have protective wrapping
  • Desk chair
  • Mirror—must be in box or have protective wrapping

Access and Security

Once the summer storage room is locked it will not be opened again until the residence halls open for fall term. This means that residents will not be able to pick up items during the summer, so please pack carefully. After inspection, please seal boxes and lock luggage.

Although every security effort will be made, University Housing and the University of Oregon will not be responsible for items lost, stolen, or damaged while in storage. Consider carrying insurance on the stored items for their protection; verify if your current insurance coverage applies to your stored items. Items of special value should not be stored with University Housing during the summer.

Items Left Behind

University Housing will hold unclaimed items from summer storage through Week 1 of fall term for students to collect by appointment (email resident services manager Alex Matiash at If the items are unclaimed at the end of Week 1, University Housing will dispose of the abandoned property.