UO student at residence hall printer

Printing in the Residence Halls

There’s no need to pack a printer, we have easily accessible printers in the residence halls.

There are five stations—sponsored by Wēpa, a cloud-based print station vendor—that can be used to print black and white, color, single-sided, and double-sided copies. Log in with your student ID and use Duck Bucks to pay, or set up a Wēpa account and pay with your credit card.

Printer Locations

Using the Printers

  1. Use your UO Duck ID to sign into the printer, this will allow you to use your Duck Bucks to print. If you don’t have a UO ID card, create a Wēpa account and use a credit card or log in to access the printer.
  2. Find your document using the following methods:
  • Cloud: access your Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, Office 365, or OneDrive accounts at any print station in the residence halls. 
  • From your computer: download the Wēpa print driver to your personal computer. Open your document, choose “file>print” and select the Wēpa printer.
  • USB: insert your USB drive at any print station.
  • Web – log in, select your documents and “send to Wēpa.”
  • Mobile: download the Wēpa print app onto your mobile device.
  • Email: Using the email tied to your Wēpa account, email your documents to

3. Print your document.


  • $0.08 monochrome single-sided
  • $0.15 monochrome double-sided
  • $0.35 color single-sided
  • $0.65 color double-sided


Personal Wireless Printers in the Residence Halls

Wireless printers are becoming extremely common, so much so that it is almost impossible today to buy a home printer without wireless function included. Due to security limitations, printers (with the wireless function enabled) are not allowed on University of Oregon’s network. This is due to two factors:

  1. An unsecured printer on the wireless network would be discoverable and available for printing from any other device connected to the network.
  2. Wireless printers distribute a wireless signal to allow devices like phones to connect to them and print. UO WAPs (wireless access points) will back off any foreign signal introduced into their radius. This means that wireless printers, when broadcasting their signal, will cause the university’s wireless signal to have less connectivity in that printer’s radius. This will degrade the signal strength for all wireless users.

Printers with built-in wireless must have the wireless function disabled. Please consult your user manual to learn how to turn off your printer’s wireless function. All printers should have the ability to physically connect using a USB cable. If your wireless printer did not come with a cable, we sell them at the ResNet store. 


How to Manually Register your Device

Use an Ethernet cable to plug your device into an active port and turn on the device.
Follow the instructions for your gaming console or Smart TV to find the wired MAC address for your device.