If you plan to park a vehicle on campus during the year, please visit Parking and Transportation for more information. You will need to purchase a permit that will correspond to your residence. Parking lots on campus have different restrictions, please look for instructions and restrictions on parking signs.

Be sure not to leave your valuables unattended or your doors unlocked.

Bikes on Campus

Eugene is a very bike-friendly town—there is bike parking on campus and biking is a great way to get around. There is a bike share program in town with many bike hubs on and off campus

If you want to bring a bike, perhaps consider a used or inexpensive bike, along with a secure U-shaped lock and a helmet. Students are required to register bikes with the Department of Parking and Transportation. Bike registration helps the University of Oregon Police Department (UOPD) return stolen bikes to their rightful owners if they are recovered. It is also a good idea to keep a copy of bike serial numbers. Unregistered bikes parked on campus will be impounded. UOPD will provide bike registration throughout check-in at various locations on campus. Call 541-346-5444, or stop by the Department of Parking and Transportation for times and locations.

Please do not leave bikes unattended or unlocked during move in.