Creative Practice Community

This community is full for fall 2021.

What is the Creative Practice Community?

The Creative Practice Community recognizes that creativity is best fostered when ideas, methods and materials can easily be shared. This community is designed for students want to live with others who are interested in any kind of making — fine arts, craft, digital media, product design, architecture, furniture, and landscapes for example. Be a part of a diverse creative group!

This community neighbors the Art + Design Academic Residential Community and has access to the community maker-hacker studio in Kalapuya Ilihi. There are no courses required for participating in the Creative Practice Community and instead allows students to collaborate with others in a variety of majors with similar interests. 

Why should I choose to live in this community?

Residents in this community benefit from access to the maker space studio shared with the Art + Design community as well as peers who are in the College of Design.


Residence Hall: Kalapuya Ilihi. Students living in this community will select roommates who are also in the community.

Please note that communities can be moved to different residence halls if the size or need of the community changes.

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Who is eligible and how do I apply?

All first-year students are eligible.

  1. Register for University Housing and select the community you prefer in the "Community Preference" section.
  2. Fill out the supplemental questions on your housing application. The program director will be in communication with you over the summer to remind you to fill out the form and determine class placement and details.

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