Health Sciences

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This community is full for fall 2023.

What is the Health Sciences community?

The ARC is designed to support students in pursuing health careers in three main ways. First, the ARC builds community among students, staff, and faculty at UO, connecting people around a shared interest in health and well-being. This includes helping students to connect to other students, assisting them in getting involved in undergraduate research, and making them aware of engagement opportunities such as volunteering and study abroad.

Second, the ARC is designed to help students understand the range of career options available in the health sciences by connecting them with clinicians and researchers in health science fields, as well as to students training to pursue those careers. Guests include current UO students and recent graduates, as well as UO faculty and staff and local health providers such as physicians, nurses, and physical therapists. 

Finally, the ARC examines the state of the science on how to live a long and healthy life, with particular attention to diet, exercise, sleep, the built environment, and chronic psychosocial stress. It also focuses on how students can apply this knowledge to their own lives, aiming for the establishment of healthy patterns that can be continued throughout their lives.

What courses will we take?

Complete the UGST ARC seminar classes fall and winter (total of 4 credits).


Residence Hall: Earl Hall. Students living in this community will select roommates who are also in the community.

Please note that communities can be moved to different residence hall buildings if the size or need of the community changes.

Photo of students in the Health Sciences Community

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Who is eligible and how do I apply?

The Health Sciences ARC is designed for students interested in pursuing careers in health care or health-related fields, and who wish to engage with faculty, staff, and students from across the campus community on issues related to health and wellness. These health science careers include biomedical research, medicine, nursing, pharmacology, veterinary medicine, epidemiology/public health, among others.

  1. Register for University Housing and select the community you prefer in the "Community Preference" section.
  2. Fill out the supplemental questions on your housing application. The program director will be in communication with you over the summer to remind you to fill out the form and determine class placement and details.

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