Our Commitment

University Housing is dedicated to intentionally creating an organization that actively includes and engages everyone, both generally and with a specific focus on cultural and social identities. Celebrating our diverse community and challenging racism, homophobia, sexism, and other forms of oppression are essential to creating a home where each student can thrive personally, socially, and academically.

As an academic community, University Housing is committed to students' education, growth, and learning. We strive to present and honor multicultural perspectives and viewpoints. We expect our staff to challenge students to think critically, socially, and globally about how to create positive changes for a more equitable society. We are also committed to a strong, respectful working environment.

Multicultural Organizational Development Framework

With guidance from the Division of Student Life Multicultural Organizational Development committee, the University Housing Inclusion Change Team works to advance University Housing's diversity commitment and to move the department along the multicultural organizational development (MCOD) continuum based on the MCOD Development Stage Model (Jackson and Hardiman, 2006) and the Indicators of a Redefining/Multicultural Organization (Obear and Jackson, 2011). This framework allows us to focus on setting diversity, equity, and inclusion goals.

Your Voice and Your Thoughts Matter to Us

We welcome your ideas on how to create inclusive environments in the residence halls and in Family Housing and University Apartments. Please share your ideas.