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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to commonly asked questions. If you can't find your question on this list, e-mail us, call us Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. at 541-346-4277, or visit us at 1595 E. 15th Ave., Eugene, OR 97403. 



How do I apply?

New incoming students can apply online. Current residents can Re-apply January-May 31st for the next academic year to either keep their same room or reserve a new room where available. Family Housing and University Apartment applications are accepted year-round and assignments are made as space becomes available.

Can I apply for just one term?

Unfortunately, no. All contracts extend through the end of spring term (mid-June). If you choose to live with us and then move-out, the cancellation fee will be calculated from that date through the end of spring quarter if you remain a student at the University. Please review your contract carefully for more information about cancellation fees that apply.

What are the rates?

We have a large number of combinations available for you to choose from based on room type and meal plan. Compare residence hall housing costs. The majority of our room inventory consists of double room types you would share with just one other person.

If you want to know how we compare to the Eugene community, please check out RentWise!

How do I pay my bill?

All billing is done through the student account so you make one payment for both your housing and tuition at the beginning of each term. If there are any additional charges (damages, fines, etc.), they are also processed through your student account. Please check with Student Billing if you have questions about the methods available for payment.

Is there a live-on requirement?

All incoming first-year undergraduate students are required to live on campus beginning Fall 2017; learn more about the live-on requirement and exemptions.

Are the halls multi-gendered?

Most halls are single gender by floor (i.e. men on the first floor and women on the second floor). Barnhart, Riley, Global Scholars Hall, Earl, New Residence Hall and the Living-Learning Center are single gender by room (multiple-genders live on the same floor). Carson is single gender by wing.

In an effort to provide housing choices that reflect the diverse needs of students, University Housing has created a gender-inclusive housing option — residence hall rooms where people of any sex or gender can live together. The Gender Equity Hall (in Carson) allows roommates to live together regardless of gender.

Can I request a specific roommate?

Yes, you can! Make sure you both request each other (and include UO ID numbers) on your Housing application. To ensure you can be placed together, you will need to make sure your community and room type preferences match and are listed in the same order. If you have already submitted your housing application, you can update your roommate request online. Requests will be considered through August 1st based on availability of space and interest in the community.

What if I don’t know anyone? How do you match roommates?

Roommates are matched based on the answers provided on the residence hall application. It is done based on the room types and any communities you listed. If we assign you a roommate, we also take into account the lifestyle preference questions.

Can I request a specific hall?

Our application is designed to emphasize the Academic Residential Community and room type options to provide flexible options that will create opportunities for students to get connected to the University. Room types and community requests determine your hall placement rather than requesting a specific hall or building. Academic Residential Community requests will always take priority over the room type requests on the application and we evaluate the level of interest in each to determine where those communities will be placed within our buildings.

What are Academic Residential Communities and Specialized Communities?

Academic Residential Communities are partnerships with a variety of academic programs to help students connect with more specific resources to a major or area of study in addition to others who have similar academic interests where they live. Students may choose to also participate in a Freshman Interest Group (FIG), but a FIG is not part of a specific residential community.

Specialized Communities are geared more around preferences or values you wish to see exhibited in your community that aren’t specifically academically related.

Why did I receive another application? I thought I already completed my housing application.

The Academic Residential Communities have supplemental applications by our academic partners to determine placement into the community before we do room assignments. If you have since decided that you no longer want to be a part of the community you are being contacted by, please go back and update your application.

What if I change my mind? Can I update my application?

Yes, you can! Whether you meet an awesome new roommate, want to be in an Academic Residential Community, or have any other changes, you can update any part of your application between now and July 31st by logging back into your application. We will take the change, but keep your priority.

Is there an application fee?

There is a $50 application fee that is non-refundable. Applications for fall term also require an additional $350 pre-payment that is automatically credited to the student’s fall bill.

What if I need to cancel my application?

All cancellations must be submitted online by logging into their application. If you notify us before May 1st, you are eligible to receive all of the fall prepayment back.

Students who choose to cancel after July 31st will be charged the full cancellation fee of $2,025. For more information about cancellation, review your contract and/or cancel your application.

When will I find out my room/roommate assignment?

For fall term, room assignments and moving information are e-mailed out in mid-August. You can also check My Housing for your housing assignment. If you have not received your assignment by the end of August, please call the Housing office, 541-346-4277. Due to privacy restrictions, we cannot give out specific room assignment or roommate information over the phone, but we can resend your assignment e-mail to your e-mail address. If attending for winter or spring term, you can expect to hear about two weeks prior to the start of the term.

Do I clean my own bathroom?

If your restroom is part of your room, you and your roommates who share the restroom are responsible for cleaning the restroom. For bathroom cleaning tips and best practices, view our Bathroom Cleaning Guide. If your floor has a bathroom that is shared by the hall, then it is cleaned by the University Housing Custodial Team.  

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General Information

What is an CD? What is an RA?

A CD is your Community Director. These are professional full-time staff members who live in the halls and serve as a resource for you. A RA is a Resident Assistant. These are students who have lived on campus for at least 3 terms that are employed to live in your building and who you can ask questions about living and going to school here. Both are tasked with helping to establish and maintain a safe and healthy community for you to live in.

How can I switch my hall, room, or roommate?

First complete a Request for Room Change on My Housing. Depending on the details of your request (i.e. changing rooms, halls, complexes, and/or roommates), your name will be placed on a waiting list until there is a vacancy that meets your request (during fall term there may be a significant waiting period). You can select as many choices as you’re willing to consider. The service center will contact you when a room that fits what you’re looking for becomes available.

If you have a serious conflict, you can contact your live-in staff, or assistant director of residence life.

Room changes within the first two and last two weeks of the term are very limited. We must wait to determine who is here and what spaces are available.

What if my roommate moved out and now I want my friend to move in with me?

If your roommate moved out, we may end up placing a new roommate with you (space depending). If you have someone specific you would like to move in with you, you will both need to complete a Request for Room Change on My Housing and request each other.

If space is available, you can also opt to take your existing room as a single. Again, you would complete a Request for Room Change on My Housing and choose “Keep my current room as a single.” We would pro-rate your billing (located on your student account with UO) to reflect the change.

What is a Housing Service Center?

There are four Housing Service Centers for the halls. At these centers, you can check out spare keys, borrow movies or games, pick up mail, and more.

Where do I pick up my mail? How do I get packages?

They are received at the service centers. Mail is sorted into residents’ mailboxes and packages are logged and then the staff notifies the students for pick up. Our staff will sign for any deliveries and notify you so you can pick it up when it’s convenient for you!

Can I access UO Wireless (802.11g/b WiFi) from my room?

Yes. Wireless access points are available in the residence halls. Ethernet connections, which provide free, high-speed Internet access, are also available in each room. To connect, you will need a CAT5 or CAT6 Ethernet cable, which can be purchased from ResNet ( or 541-346-4223) for about $6–$8 depending on length.

Where can I do laundry? How do I pay for laundry?

Laundry rooms are located in each building either on each floor or in the basement of each wing. You will need a laundry card to operate the washing machines in your building. Washing will cost you $1.50 per load. Dryers are free! Laundry cards are treated the same as cash and you can add money with $5 or $10 bills, or a debit card, using the “Add Value” station at the Service Centers. Add Value machines do not give change. There are no refunds for misplaced or lost cards as well as no refunds for any cash value left on your laundry card at checkout time so we recommend adding money to your laundry card in small increments since refunds are not available. Should you misplace or lose your card, a new laundry card can be purchased from the Add Value station. Replacement cards cost $5, and each comes with a preloaded value of $3. You will be asked to return your laundry card with your room and mailbox keys when you vacate.

Is telephone service available?

You will need to sign up for telephone service with the University of Oregon Telecommunications Services.

Will my Residence Hall be open during holidays/breaks?

We post all information about building and dining closures on our breaks page, but here’s a summary:

  • Thanksgiving and Spring Break
    The halls are open, but there is no meal service. Students who need to stay during Thanksgiving and Spring break may do so at no extra charge.
  • Winter Break
    During winter the halls are closed, and there is no meal service. Students staying over winter will need to pay an additional fee that covers the cost of housing, security, and the interim key. Students who need to stay over winter must sign up on My Housing and may need to change rooms for the duration of the break.

How do I become a Resident Assistant (RA)?

The RA selection process starts at the end of fall term and goes through the spring term. Keep your eye out for recruiting information posted in the halls, check out the jobs page, and talk to your RA or CD for more information.

How can I get involved in events and activities in the Residence Halls?

Talk to student staff and other hall residents to get the scoop on how to connect, or check out the online event calendar. You can also attend your hall government meetings or get involved in the Residence Hall Association and its weekly meetings.

How do I find or apply for a job with UO Housing?

University Housing Jobs are listed on our jobs page.

What events happen in the halls?

Check the residence hall event calendar on our homepage and the bulletin boards in your hall. RAs post flyers for all sorts of university events and many are free!

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My Room

How do I know what size my bed will be?

If you live in Barnhart, Bean, GSH, Hamilton, LLC or Walton, you will have a twin XL (36” x 80”). Earl and Carson both have regular twin beds (36” x 75”). You can always fit an extra-long sheet to a regular mattress, but the regular sheets won’t fit an extra long mattress.

Can beds be lofted or bunked?

Installation of pre-fabricated lofts is not allowed. Some rooms have bunks or loft beds built in, and all LLC and Global Scholars Hall rooms can use specially designed lofts (available by submititng a Fix It request on My Housing). Your assignment letter indicates if you are assigned to a room with a loft bed.

Can I use cinderblocks or bed risers?

Cinderblocks are not allowed. If you have a metal-frame bed, you can use bed risers to raise your bed and allow for extra storage. When you move in, you can assess whether you have the right kind of bed for risers (only high-density risers made of polyethylene that hold 1,200 lbs. are allowed). Bed risers are usually available at Grab 'N' Go Marketplace and at specialty or department stores.

What furnishings are in each room?

  • A bed for each resident (mattress with either adjustable loft bed, spring bed, or captain’s bed)
  • Desk for each resident
  • Desk chair for each resident
  • Wardrobe for each resident
  • Window blinds or draperies
  • A wastebasket and recycling bin

Most rooms are carpeted (except those in the Living-Learning Center, Global Scholars Hall, and a selection of non-carpeted rooms in most other buildings to accommodate those with allergies). All residence hall rooms are equipped with Internet access.

What should I bring? What can’t I bring?

Please review the contract or packing guide for items approved by the contract. Unapproved items will be removed.

What are the mailings I’m getting about linens?

Every year, several companies mail out information about purchasing college linens. The only company that has worked with UO Housing is On Campus Marketing (OCM), who has an agreement with our Residence Hall Association (RHA) to provide a portion of the proceeds from their sales to RHA for leadership development.

What if I need to arrive early?

The only term we are able to accommodate early arrival is fall quarter. Students who are required to be here by a UO program or activity will find the date they are pre-approved to arrive in their housing assignment. Some may require a fee that will be based on the pro-rated rate of your room. Students who have another reason they must move in early (travel arrangements, those observing religious holidays, etc.), may request a Change in Arrival on My Housing. These requests are reviewed on an individual basis and the committee may request supporting documentation of the reason for the request.

Can I ship my belongings ahead of time?

Since we have limited storage space, we will not accept boxes or parcels for residents who have not yet checked-in. Packages that arrive too early will be returned to sender.

What will my mailing address be?

Your mailing address is listed on your housing assignment e-mail. Please make sure all items are addressed properly and include both your official name and mailbox number. If we are unable to identify the recipient, items are returned to sender.

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Meal Plans

What are rollover points?

For students on the meal plan, these are points that if aren’t used, can rollover from week to week (up to 50 points total). This gives students flexibility to use their points when they need them. Rollover points expire at the end of each term.

What is Duck Bucks?

All 2017-2018 meal plans come with $50 Duck Bucks ( each term. This works at dining venues at the EMU and the coffee shops in the Knight Library, Lillis Business Complex, the Hearth Café in Lawrence Hall, and Education Station Café in the HEDCO Education building. lists the different Duck Bucks locations and the University Dining locations.

Am I required to have a meal plan?

Yes. While we have community kitchens available in some buildings and microwaves supplied in all of the lounges, students are required to have a meal plan and it can be used at any of the dining venues in the residence halls. We offer a wide range of plans to help fit students’ budgets and usage. Plus, we have excellent dining!

Is there a deadline if I need to make a change to my meal plan?

No! We allow you to change your meal plan at any time. We will pro-rate your billing (located on your student account with UO) to reflect the change. However, billing will not be adjusted during the last ten days of a term and any changes made during that period will take effect for the following term. Just fill out a Meal Plan Change Request form on My Housing.

What if I don’t live on campus? Can I eat on campus?

We have something called Ducks Dine On for those who don’t currently live with us to receive discounted rates on dining. All our venues also accept multiple methods of payment so if you are just on campus for the day and aren’t interested in the Ducks Dine On plan, they will accept cash and credit as well. Both point and cash prices are posted on all the menus.

When can I start using my meal plan?

Students will be provided with prorated meal plan points based on their date of check-in. Points reset to full value each Sunday and will not appear on My Housing until the account is activated with the first purchase at the dining venues.

How do I change my meal plan?

You can submit a Meal Plan Change Request on My Housing. Your account will be adjusted based on the amount of time you have each plan and either credited or charged for the remaining cost. You can submit a change at any point throughout the terms. Billing will not be adjusted however during the last ten days of the term and any changes made during that period will take effect for the following term. Changes are processed on Fridays and take effect when points reset the following week.

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Safety and Privacy

How are the halls kept safe?

Hall doors are locked 24 hours per day with card access granted only to residents. Safety in the halls is a shared responsibility between residents and the university. Safety relies on the residents not lending their keys or allowing strangers to enter the halls. Our live-in staff patrols the halls and complexes and the Department of Public Safety patrols in and around buildings regularly.

For more information, please see our security information, or visit the UOPD website. To request a copy of the report on campus security policies and crime statistics, contact UOPD.

Do I need renter’s insurance?

When moving into the residence halls, it is important to consider insuring your possessions. Most insurance companies will insure your residence hall room under your parents' homeowners insurance, but it is important to check with their agent to make sure. If your parents do not have homeowners insurance, or your room is not covered under their policy, you should consider purchasing renters insurance from an insurance agency. Coverage typically includes loss from fire, smoke, vandalism and malicious mischief, breakage and theft. Be sure to check if the policy will cover Actual Cost Value or Replacement Cost Value.

How private are my student records?

Federal law, specifically the Buckley Amendment to the Family Educational Right to Privacy Act (FERPA), prohibits us from granting anyone who does not have an educational need to know, access to your educational record with written permission. In short, we can’t share your educational/judicial records with anyone (family members included) unless you ask us to in writing.

How can I lock my bike or computer?

The University of Oregon Police Department (UOPD) provides a free bicycle registration service to discourage theft and assist in property recovery. Computer locks are available at The Duck Store. To register your laptop with UOPD to help with recovery if it is stolen, visit For additional security information, visit the  UOPD website.

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What is the alcohol and drug policy?

Remember to leave behind alcohol, illegal drugs, drug and alcohol paraphernalia at home.

As a federally funded institution, the UO still abides by federal law, which classifies marijuana as an illegal substance. Marijuana may not be possessed on any UO-owned or -controlled property. Learn more about UOPD recommendations for students and parents.

Where is smoking allowed?

The UO campus is a tobacco and smoke free since September 1, 2012. Although smoking is not permitted anywhere on campus, smokers may return to campus after having smoked.

What is the overnight guest policy?

One of the most common areas of roommate conflict involves the hosting of overnight guests. Visits by overnight guests are limited to six nights per term and require prior written approval from your roommate for each visit. Students must submit a request to host their guest on My Housing.

How do I purchase an overnight parking permit?

For overnight parking permits, please contact the Parking and Transportation Office about purchasing an overnight parking permit.

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