Connecting Devices

How to Manually Register your Device

  1. Use an Ethernet cable to plug your device into an active port and turn on the device.
  2. Follow the instructions for your gaming console or Smart TV to find the wired MAC address for your device.
  3. A “pending” message may appear. Ignore this message.

Note: All registrations expire after one year.

Game Console and Smart TV

All devices that connect via wired network must be registered by MAC address at

Many game consoles, smart TVs, and other devices need to be manually registered to use a wired network connection because the devices lack web-based authentication protocols.

Residents that are living in University Housing Apartments and Family Housing who have a router will not need to manually register their device. Simply connect the device to the router and follow the protocol steps. Routers, however, must be registered at

Wireless Devices

Manual registration is for wired devices only. If your device has wireless capability and does not have a protocol issue please connect normally through UO Secure. Connect to UO Secure.

Wireless Printers

Wireless printers are becoming extremely common, so much so that it is almost impossible today to buy a home printer without wireless function included. Due to security limitations, printers (with the wireless function enabled) are not allowed on University of Oregon’s network. This is due to two factors:

  1. An unsecured printer on the wireless network would be discoverable, and available for printing, from any other device connected to the network.
  2. Wireless printers distribute a wireless signal to allow devices like phones to connect to them and print. UO WAPs (wireless access points) on campus have a "smart feature" that causes them to back off any foreign signal introduced into their radius. This means that wireless printers, when broadcasting their signal, will cause the University’s wireless signal (UO Secure or UO Wireless) to have less connectivity in that printer's radius, degrading the signal strength for all wireless users.

Printers with built-in wireless must have the wireless function disabled. Please consult your user manual on how to turn off your printer’s wireless function. All printers should have the ability to physically connect using a USB cable. If your wireless printer did not come with a cable, we sell them at the ResNet store.