Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan 

Core Purpose

To support student success by cultivating inclusive communities.

Our Big Goal

Provide a robust living experience through accessible and affordable state-of-the-art housing, dining, social, and academic programs for the entire student body to develop community leaders, innovators, and change-makers who will enrich the future.

Vivid Description

We in University Housing, through expert stewardship and development, will offer the highest quality student experience by providing modern housing, dining, and outstanding residential programs. Our facilities will be innovatively designed to keep costs low, value high, and positively impact the environment. By cultivating enriching educational and social experiences, University Housing will prepare students for success in school and beyond. University Housing will invest in and value its employees, becoming a place where people can fulfill their professional potential. Using research, data, and direct feedback from students and staff, University Housing will be committed to making the best strategic decisions for our community.