Temporary Housing

What to Expect

If you received an email saying you were assigned to a room in temporary housing for the fall, don’t worry!

Some of our buildings were constructed with flexible spaces. These spaces can be used to accommodate 3–4 students per room at the beginning of the year, until additional double and triple rooms become available later in the term. 

What Your Room Includes

Each student receives a key to the room and the room can be locked just like a regular student room. These rooms will come furnished with a twin XL bed (single or bunked), wardrobe (or closet), dresser, desk, chair, and waste and recycling bins like all of our residence hall rooms. Students are permitted to decorate and personalize their spaces.

Community and Support

Resident assistants (RAs) are in all of our communities, including where students live in temporary housing. RAs are part-time live-in student leaders in the residence halls who assist students in providing support, answering questions, and in having a positive experience living and learning in our communities. 

Reduced Room Rate

Students assigned to temporary housing will receive the lowest room rate (Carson triple room with sink) combined with the meal plan of the student’s choice, which make up the total room and board rate. Once the student moves to their permanent room assignment, the rate will be adjusted to that room (and board) rate.  

Permanent Assignments and Moving Assistance

University Housing will be in touch with you during the term to let you know when a permanent room becomes available. 

We will assign students out of temporary housing based on the date their housing registration was received and the location of their temporary assignment. If your permanent assignment is for a hall in another part of campus, we can assist you with moving your belongings from one hall to another.

On-Campus Housing Exemption

If you would like an exemption to living on-campus, please request an exemption on My Housing and we will get back to you. The Office of the Dean of Students provides a service where you can explore off-campus options: offcampushousing.uoregon.edu.