Fresh Marketcafé

Fresh Marketcafé

A master of variety, Fresh Marketcafé is a go-to for just about any type of cuisine, offering rice bowls, pasta, espresso, and a deli counter.

Fresh Marketcafé is located in Global Scholars Hall. All University Housing dining venues are open to students, faculty, staff, and community members. Meal plans, Ducks Dine On, cash, Duck Bucks, and credit cards are accepted. 

Grubhub hours may vary from Fresh Marketcafé dining venue hours.


Winter Term Global Bowls

Week 1: Japan “Nasu Dengaku”

Week 2: USA “Orange Chicken”

Week 3: Senegal “Theiboudienne”

Week 4: Kazakhstan “Kuurdak”

Week 5: USA “Orange Chicken”

Week 6: South Korea “Kimchi Jjiggae”

Week 7: Mexico “Pork Pozole”

Week 8: USA “Orange Chicken”

Week 9: Bangladesh “Kacchi Lamb Biryani”

Week 10: Ethiopia “Chicken Doro Wat with Egg”